Warner Brothers Releases New Wonder Woman Trailer

The trailer for the highly-anticipated Warner Bros. film, Wonder Woman (played by the well casted Gal Gadot) has arrived, and is more empowering than ever.

 The film will stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, and shines a long overdue light on Wonder Woman’s origin story, where The Amazonian warrior princess volunteers to help protect and save the world. Filled with action and drama the Wonder Woman kicks things into overdrive, flying through the air, deflecting bullets with her bracelets, shooting arrows, and much more.

 What do you think about the Wonder Woman trailer below

Actors Kevin L. Walker, Donnabella Mortel, Angie Teodora Dick, & Maynard Okereke Give Viewers A Scary Treat on Halloween with “Let Me In”

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“Let Me In” on IMDB

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