We charge at the following affordable rates, based on the amount of minutes booked and/or used.

Our studio has a fifteen (15) minute minimum 



Normal business hours    =    $1.00 per minute + $7.00 appointment fee

After business hours        =    $1.50 per minute + $10.00 appointment fee

Holiday business hours    =    $2.00 per minute+ $12.00 appointment fee

ALL appointments incur an appointment fee


Once you book an appointment, you reserve that time and another actor cannot book that time at our Studio.

All customers that Cancel and/or Reschedule an appointment within six (6) hours of that appointment time, forfeit their entire session amount (minutes + appointment fee).

Included Services & Amenities:

All sessions booked at The Creation Station Studios include the following services and amenities.


1) A working actor/reader/camera operator/editor

  • Every session booked at The Creation Station Studios comes with a working actor to read your lines with you (coach you if requested), and to professionally frame, light, record, and edit your audition, based on industry standard or your personal preference.


2) The option to

  • Record Self Tape Auditions
  • Run lines
  • Record Voice Over Auditions


3) Same day delivery of all files

  • We guarantee same day delivery of files recorded (No specific delivery time can be given. If a specific delivery time is needed, a rush edit/delivery will need to be requested)

Additional Services & Amenities Available for Purchase:

The following services and amenities are available for purchase.


1) Coaching (+25.00 flat fee, per appointment)

  • In a coaching session your reader will coach you through your entire audition. Your reader will give you their professional feedback, you both will analyze the scene, its medium, genre, and more, to ensure you deliver your best performance possible.


2) Rush Edit & Delivery (+$20.00 flat fee, per appointment)

  • Purchasing a rush edit & delivery will allow you to request a specific delivery time. If a rush edit & delivery is purchased your footage with be placed in the next possible queue for editing and/or delivered by the time you have requested (All rush edit & delivery jobs require at least 30 minutes to edit, export, and deliver).


3) Teleprompter ($15.00 setup fee, per appointment)

  • We offer the option to utilize a teleprompter, in the event one is needed!


4) Direct Upload (+10.00 flat fee, per appointment)

  • Purchasing a Direct Upload is great for actors that are always on the move or don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of uploading their various files to they various websites (LaCasting, Actors Access, YouTube, Vimeo, etc..). When purchasing a Direct Upload your actor/reader/camera operator/editor will upload your files directly to your profile(s) of choice for you!


5) Additional Takes (+5.00 per additional take)

  • When you come in for a session, you have the option to record as many takes as you like, and to review the playback of your footage.  We send up to two (2) takes, per scene recorded. Any additional takes will incur a $5.00 fee for the additional editing, exporting, and sending required.


6) Printing (+1.00 per page)

  • We will print your sides, or whatever other materials you need printed (You must email the document(s) you need print).

Save with, GoldMinutes!

GoldMinutes can be redeemed at any The Creation Station Studios location, during ‘regular’ and ‘after’ hours, and can be used for any self tape video or voice over recording services. Gold Minutes purchases/balances are automatically transferred to your The Creation Station Studios account. If you purchase Gold minutes and you do not already have an account with The Creation Station Studios, an account is automatically created for you once you purchase Gold Minutes.

Using gold minutes does not eliminate any other fees or charges (appointment fees, rush fees, etc…). Gold minutes can only be used towards minutes.

To purchase Gold Minutes by themselves, You must have a secure cryptocurrency account/wallet and you can easily and securely set one up in minute on Coinbase (If you don’t have an account you can create one and get FREE crypto HERE and receive $10 for FREE when using this link)

Self Tape Video Auditions that BOOK!


Here at The Creation Station Studios, we aim to make the entire process a easy and stress free!

As the entertainment industry continues to grow, actors are being asked, with greater frequency, to record their own self tape video auditions and create their own marketing materials. Casting directors, agents, managers, and producers want your self tape video auditions to look and sound great.The self tape video audition is a different beast from the live/in-person audition. The viewer – your agent, the casting director, the producer – will have an opinion of the video and sound quality, which ultimately is a reflection of you/your brand. It is commonly heard within industry that poor quality self tape auditions may not be submitted by representatives or seen by casting directors and producers. Poor video or sound distracts from your performance and is ultimately a reflection of you and/or your reps. With the amount of technology at our disposal and the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, a professionally taped self audition has become the entertainment industry standard.


What can you expect when you Book a Session at The Creation Station Studios?

Whether it is your first self tape audition or your hundredth, we understand that it’s all about delivering memorable performances and having fun while doing it. Our team of working actor and professionals have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to professionally record your self tape audition, voice over audition, slate shots, and more. When you come in to record our team members will ensure that your self tape’s picture and sound are finely tuned so that your self tape audition pops and stands out! We record all of our footage on production grade cameras with prime canon lenses, and record our audio with production grade microphones.  All footage is then edited on the industry’s latest editing software and then exported to you and/or whoever you desire (casting, your agent, your manager, etc..) via a convenient one click downloadable Wetransfer.com link.


Self Tape Video Audition FAILS