Self Tape your Video Audition today!

As the entertainment industry continues to grow, actors are being asked, with greater frequency, to self tape their auditions and create their own marketing materials. Casting directors, agents, managers, and producers want your taped audition to look and sound great. Poor video or sound distracts from your audition performance. At The Creation Staiton Studios, we have the expertise and equipment to get your audition on tape fast and professionally.

The taped audition is a different beast from the live audition. The viewer – your agent, the casting director, the producer – now has an opinion of the video and sound quality. And of course, the camera layers its own opinion on your performance. Our experts will ensure that your self tape’s picture and sound will be carefully recorded in 4K High-Def settings. Whether it is your first self tape audition or your hundredth, we understand that it’s all about delivering memorable performances.

Here is what you can expect when you self tape with us:

Professional lighting, clear high-quality video and audio, precise editing, choice of delivery format and compression, a professional reader, and optional feedback/coaching if requested ahead of time.

Always in 4K Resolution!

(10 minute minimum)

“Normal Business” Hours Pricing: $1.00 per minute used!
“Before/After” Business Hours Pricing: $1.50 per minute used!
“Holiday/Special Hours” Business Hours Pricing: $2.00 per minute used!


Standard Services (Included w/ ALL sessions):

– Self Tape Auditions
– Tape Scenes / Monologues / Slate shots
– Run lines
– Seasoned reader and camera operator
– Professional Lighting, Sound, and Editing
– Files received same day (no specific time frame)
– Professional file compression


Additional “Add On” Services (NOT included w/ sessions):

– Coaching, Audition Prep., or Feedback (+$20.00 flat per appointment)
Rush Edit, Compression, and Delivery (+$15.00 flat)
– Teleprompter Setup (+$10.00)

Self Tape Video Audition FAILS