The Creation Station Studios is training a facility for working actors.

We offer a professionally sculpted acting curriculum dedicated to preparing actors with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s competitive entertainment industry. At the Creation Station Studios, actors learn to make confident bold decisions, deliver memorable audition performances, and consistently execute clean technique.  We work together to determine how a scene works best for each actor.  We know that no two actors are identical. Each actor has his/her own unique brand that must be discovered and cultivated to its fullest potential.

It is our mission to have actors leave every class inspired, confident, and proud as a result of their work. Our unique hybrid format is structured with the sole purpose of helping actors book work!

In an effort to preserve the professional integrity of our studio, we do not allow guests to audit our classes.

Take your career to the next level!  We pride ourselves in helping “green actors” transform into “seasoned actors.”  In order to enroll in one of our ongoing classes, all actors are required to schedule an individual consultation to determine their curricular needs.

You may request a consultation by emailing us your headshot and resume. Once received, we will evaluate your materials and reach out to schedule your initial in-person consultation.

Class Details

$185.00 /month

  • One (1) class per week (four classes total)
  • Class size limited to ten (10) actors
  • All materials are current television and film projects
  • All actors work during class
  • All actors must come prepared and ready to work.

Class Composition


In order to book a job, you must first understand what is required to deliver polished auditions. An actor often feels confident once they make it to set, but auditioning requires a skill set of its own.  We break down the mechanics of auditioning, so that each actor can understand how to deliver well-rounded auditions, and increase their callback and booking rates.

On Camera Techniques:

One (1) class session per month will focus on the techniques required to give a memorable performance on camera.

Scene Study/Breakdown:

Understanding your character, his/her intended purpose, and arc are a just few quintessential ingredients in effectively breaking down a scene.  Actors also learn to identify differences in genres and network styles.